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  • Anemopsis
    • californica   CAG02413

      (Yerba mansa)
      Anemopsis californica
      $12.00earn 60 points

      Rosettes of paddle shaped, waxy looking leaves, spicily fragrant when crushed, slowly form large colonies from which arise slender stemmed, pure white, cone centred flowers that stain red with age and vaguely resemble an Anemone or Echinacea.

      Both beautiful and seemingly delicate, it is native to seeps and springs in the deserts of the North American South West and is perfectly at home with blistering heat, frost, salinity and periodic drying out. Practically indestructible, "the" pond/dam plant for gardens where lesser aquatics fail and a beautiful addition to water gardens everywhere else. For shallow water or even a moist spot in the garden.

      Cut to ground level once the foliage has died back in autumn to make way for the new seasons growth..

      Not to be confused with Anemonopsis the delicate woodland plant.

  • Dracunculus
    • canariensis   CAG02357

      (Canary Island Dragon Arum)
      Dracunculus canariensis
      $12.00earn 60 points

      A more subtle Dragon Arum from the Canary Islands with a tapering white spathe that ensorcells a stiff creamy spadix atop a fleshy stalk of palmate foliage. Elegant, lush and not stinky, it forms loose colonies in shaded sites, perhaps at its best emerging from a sea of suitable woodland groundcover, Pelargonium tomentosum, Cyclamen hederifolium, Parochetus africanus, Cosmos diversifolius or Viola banksii are some suggestions. Or have it peeking out between bold shrubs, like Echium candicans and Aeonium, which can offer it protection.

      Easily grown in any soil, summer deciduous and then no water is necessary.

      As with many drought loving geophytes these are decidedly unsuited to life in a pot, plants sold are two years old and need to get in the ground ASAP.

  • Pancratium
    • maritimum   CAG01666

      (Sea daffodil)
      Pancratium maritimum
      $12.00earn 60 points

      A dramatic bulb, the umbels of pure white, perfumed, daffodil-like flowers appear as if by magic after the first autumn rain, on naked, very glaucous 60cm stems. Such delicate and exuberant beauty seemingly incongruous in the exposed and baking environ it prefers.

      The strappy, glaucous winter leaves die down with the onset of summer drought, if they remain evergreen you are providing too much water and any chance of flowering is likely to be non-existent. In a warm autumn repeat blooms are not uncommon.

      Found on coastal dunes in hotter parts of the Mediterranean it is ideally suited to growing in hot barren sand, though mine do fine in clay, and should be indifferent to salt spray. Self seeds if your lucky, though it will be at least several years before the seedlings are large enough to flower. Newly planted bulbs will usually need a year or two to settle in as well before they will resume flowering.

      Mass plant for best effect, either densely or as scattered individuals.

  • Anemone
    • x hybrida ‘Honorine Jobert’   CAG01436

      A spreading perennial, evergreen in warm areas, grown for its late summer or autumn display of tall, forked, slender stems bearing pure white, saucer shaped flowers which hang serenely over billowing mounds of large, velvety, rich green leaves composed of 3 lobed leaflets.

      Perhaps at its best, and most rampant, in humid environs with rich, well drained, alkaline soil but even in less than ideal conditions, with leavers crisped from dry heat, it still flowers spectacularly and at a time all the more valued.

      Tall, single and full of grace.

  • Arenaria
    • balearica   CAG02085

      (Corsican sandwort)

      From the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain comes this perfectly flat ground cover with tiny bright green leaves and creeping stems that root as they go, studded with tiny, pristine white, five petaled flowers through spring.
      Eminently at home in limestone walls or between paving in light shade.
      Good drainage and a soil that's never too dry is all that is needed.

      Better than baby's tears, flatter, flowering and requiring less moisture.

  • Arthropodium
    • cirratum   CAG00109

      A clumping, evergreen perennial, tolerant of coastal conditions. Soft, strappy, glaucous leaves are produced in fans. During Summer large sprays of small, dainty, white flowers rise on slender stems above the foliage. A delicate looking plant, but extremely tough. Tolerant of intense root competition and salt. Fantastic for seaside gardens.

  • Asphodelus
    • aestivus   CAG02237

      (Common Asphodel, White Asphodel, Summer Asphodel, Silver rod)
      Asphodelus aestivus

      Profuse spikes of starry, pinkish white, blooms emerge from clumps of fleshy, very glaucous, slenderly tapering, grassy leaves produced by a succulent underground rootstock. From the Mediterranean, summer dormant and unperturbed by heat and drought.

      Easily grown in any well drained sunny position that is drier in summer.

      Unpalatable to grazing critters.

      Beautiful and romantic when planted amongst drifts of Cistus, Lavender or other silvery Mediterranean shrubs.

  • Aster
  • Boltonia
    • asteroides   CAG00138

      An herbaceous, evergreen, clumping perennial. Strappy glaucous foliage, hugs the ground in tight clumps, from these, erect stems arise, by late summer attaining a height of 2m plus, topped with large, branching, open heads of small, delicate, white, daisy flowers.
      A spectacular perennial if fed well, appearing like great white clouds hovering above the garden.
      Cut stems to the ground when spent. Do not smother while dormant.

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