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  • Gladiolus
    • dalenii   CAG00265
      $12.00earn 60 points

      A vigorous and reliable species for the garden, producing large clumps of blue green, sword-like foliage and bearing tall spikes of pale red and yellow, trumpet shaped flowers in summer and often again in autumn. Dies down in winter to return ever more vigorously the following year.

      Found throughout the summer rainfall regions of southern and tropical Africa and very easy in the garden with regular watering in all but the heaviest of soils and making a lovely companion for Daylilies, Montbretias and Lily of the nile.

      Excellent for cutting as a Gladdy is expected to be.

  • Iris
    • kochii   CAG00706

      (Flag Iris)
      Iris kochii
      $12.00earn 60 points

      An exceptional Iris, performing reliably in all but the shadiest of gardens, and having both beautiful flowers and valuable foliage.
      The sturdy stems of strongly scented, regal purple, flag iris flowers are are held above compact clumps of sword-like, grey-green leaves.

      Under favourable conditions it will repeat bloom several times throughout the year.

      As with all Iris feed well and avoid high nitrogen fertilizers.
      Prefers a well drained, alkaline soil and thrives in coastal conditions.

      Used to great effect in large drifts, mass plantings or as edgings, due to the neat foliage, and is often combined with Iris albicans for a stunning combination.

      Extensively used by the landscaping industry, it is available bare rooted in any quantity.
      Trade enquiries welcome.

  • Watsonia
    • aletroides   CAG01174

      (Shrimp plant)
      Watsonia aletroides
      $12.00earn 60 points

      Tubular, pale mouthed, coral flowers are artfully staggered to one side of slender vertical stems above a dense clump of red edged, sword-like leaves. A South African bulb (corm) that is summer deciduous and therefore eminently drought hardy, in fact a dry rest is essential.

      Stunning thrusting from between the simple mounds of cool coloured staples, Catmint, Lavender, and maybe a few of the Dutch Iris ‘Wedgwood’ that flowers simultaneously.

      Easily grown in any very sunny summer dry soil, heavy soils and wet feet in winter are tolerated and may even be preferred.

  • Astelia
    • chathamica   CAG00112

      From the perpetually cool Chatham Islands this plant could be expected to be as heat tolerant as an ice block but given constantly moist soil and and a sheltered but not too shady site it can make an impressive clump of keeled, silver, sword-like leaves. Alternatively you can admire it's rigid metallic form in a pot, preferably wildly glazed for a space age look.

      Inconsequential flowers borne amongst the foliage are reputably followed by bright red fruit, though I've yet to see them.

      Slow growing so best left undisturbed until your thirst for more demands division.

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