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  • Cleome
    • hassleriana   CAG00179

      (Spider flower)

      A large and glorious, long blooming, summer growing annual from southern South America. Forming a stiffly branched open shrub, with large, hairy, palmate leaves and bearing all summer and autumn whorls of pink, purple or white, four petalled flowers with long extending stamens, spidery in effect.

      Sow just below the surface in any well drained sunny soil in late winter or early spring while temperatures are still fluctuating but the danger of frost has passed (oscillating temperatures are needed for germination). Alternatively they can be started off in small pots, from which they transplant very well when young.

      Will self sow in bare well drained soil.

      Each pack contains in excess of 50+ seeds.

  • Cosmos
    • bipinnatus ‘Sensation’   CAG02454

      An outstanding summer annual from Mexico to South America, bearing large, saucer shaped, daisy flowers in shades of pink and white atop sturdy, feathery leaved, many branched stems, which pick beautifully.

      Classic cottage garden, the perfect cure for bedding plant fatigue. Big, blowzy and show stopping.

      Scratch seeds into bare sunny soil any time once it has warmed in spring. Early sowings will be the most robust but a late summer sowing will continue flowering well into autumn.

      Each pack contains a minimum of 50+ seeds.

  • Tithonia
    • rotundifolia   CAG00957

      (Mexican sunflower)
      Tithonia rotundifolia

      A quick growing summer annual from Central America, bearing all summer, large, luminous orange, yellow centred, daisy-like flowers with velour stems that are perfect for picking. Robust and shrubby under ideal conditions, clothed with large, softly hairy, three lobed leaves.

      An exceptional annual, once seen, never forgotten, unlike graceless dwarf varieties developed for regions with too short a summer. Plenty of additional water and a well drained, rich soil, is usually required for maximum magnificence. An attractive alternative, or compliment, to summer vegetables in the veggie garden.

      May self sow but it's best too collect some seed as insurance for the following year.

      Plant individually, 5mm deep, where they are to grow in spring, after any danger of frost, or start singly in pots, making sure to plant them out before they are too large, two or three pairs of true leaves is about right.

      Each pack contains a garden spectacle of 50+ seeds.

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