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  • Agave
  • Aloe
  • Crassula
    • ovata ‘Undulata’   CAG02831
      Flowering SeasonWinter
      WaterM - L
      LightLight Shade

      A quite distinct form with wavy, glaucous leaves and more sedate growth than most, forming a squat, fat stemmed shrub that becomes increasingly attractive with age. A succulent bonsai perfect that funky pot. From the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

      Seems shy to flower, I don't ever recall seeing it, expect clusters of pale pink stars reminiscent of Daphne.

      Very easily grown in any well drained soil with some protection from midday summer sun, frost and with an occasional watering.

    • pellucida subsp. marginalis ‘Variegata’   CAG02794
      Flowering SeasonSpring
      Crassula pellucida subsp. marginalis ‘Variegata’

      The succulent alternative to Babies tears (Soleirolia soleirolii) without the same need for constant moisture and high humidity. This variegated form creates a dense, ground hugging mat of trailing stems clad in grey-green and white leaves margined in dark red. Small cluster of white flowers are produced in spring adding to its pale effect.

      Very useful topping around larger potted plants or as a not too vigorous companion for bonsai.

      As with many succulents it is not tolerant of drought or much sun in our summers, gardeners in more humid environs could expect otherwise, but short dry spells are likely beneficial to growth and it is easy and relatively fast.

  • Dracaena
  • Dudleya
    Clump forming rosetted succulents from south western North America.

    They have a low tolerance for summer humidity and are even less tolerant of summer rainfall / irrigation. Excellent drainage is essential and water should never be allowed to collect in the crown of the plants for too long, for this reason they are often grown on their side as commonly found in the wild.

    Best suited to a western climate they make excellent garden plants in the south west and are ideal candidates for pots that don't need watering over summer. On the east coast overhead protection from rain and particular attention to over watering is most likely required. Many are cliff dwellers and these are happiest in light shade or bright indirect light, morning sun is suitable but in full sun they are far less attractive.

    The majority of species are also covered in a white, powdery, water repellent wax which is easily removed by excessive handling making them not only less appealing but also more prone to rotting.
    • cymosa   CAG02287

      Flowering SeasonSpring
      LightLight Shade
      Dudleya cymosa

      A clump forming Californian succulent with rosettes of pointed, finger width, white powdered, rose tinted, glaucous leaves. Clusters of upright, rich orange, bell-like flowers are held aloft on short powdered stems in the spring.

      Probably best in a pot unless your fortunate enough to garden in water repellent sand or in dry soil under trees.

      Summer water is best avoided and excellent drainage is essential.

      An excellent frost and drought tolerant alternative to Echeveria.

  • Echeveria
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