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  • Nemophila
    • maculata   CAG02448

      Nemophila maculata

      A lovely self seeding Californian annual with clumps of scalloped, pale green, ferny leaves. Bearing throughout spring a profusion of white, saucer shaped flowers, of which each of five petals proudly wears a purple spot near it's tip. The apt moniker of Fivespot needs no explanation at the sight of a single flower.

      Scratch seeds into bare sunny soil during autumn or early winter.

      Light shade is tolerated and may lengthen flowering.

      Excellent in pots as an alternative to, or in combination with, Pansies and Violas.

      Each packet contains 50+ seeds minimum.

  • Tricyrtis
    • formosana   CAG00637

      (Toad lily)

      Trailing, jointed stems are furnished with glossy, mid green, broadly lance shaped leaves, irregularly spotted with darker green spots which no doubt gave rise to the common name of Toad lily. Furthering the toad-like resemblance the orchid like white flowers, held in airy panicles, are heavily spotted in dark plum.

      Semi-evergreen, dying down after flowering while next seasons growth is already sprouting.

      Spreading by stolons to form dense colonies this Taiwanese forest dweller makes sensational ground cover for moist shade. Plant with the equally vigorous and simultaneously flowering Anemone x hybrida ‘Honorine Jobert’ for one of the finest autumnal displays your ever likely to see in a shady garden, as well as providing the ultimate weed suppressing ground cover.

      If your going to waste water on tender woodlanders this is the only Tricyrtis that contends well with our heat, the others whilst all beautiful during spring, invariable only make it through summer looking battle scarred and sad by flowering time.

    • hirta   CAG01776

      (Hairy toad lily)

      An untoad-like toad lily.

      Erect stems carry clasping, broadly lance shaped leaves in the axils of which, each Autumn, are borne, purple spotted, white, orchid-like flowers.
      Softly haired and apple green a patch of this Japanese woodlander makes an arresting sight even before flowering.
      Winter dormant and slowly spreading.

      For a moist sheltered position and not especially happy during Perth's dry heat, better further south, it's never the less worth growing if a suitable spot can be found and also makes a fine pot subject.

    • ‘Lightning Strike’   CAG02130

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