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  • Collinsia
    • heterophylla   CAG02464

      (Chinese houses)

      A Californian annual of remarkable and unusual beauty. Whorls of bi-tone, purple and white, lupin-like flowers are tiered on slender stems, narrowing towards the top, pagoda style. They are borne in great abundance on delicate plants with small triangular leaves.

      One of the few winter annuals that prefers a lightly shaded position, where they will flower longest, though they grow happily in full sun as well.

      Scratch into bare, well drained soil in autumn or early winter where they should self sow the following year.

      Excellent in a pot, especially when combined with other Californian annuals.

      Each pack contains, at the bare minimum, 50+ seeds.

  • Fragaria
    • chiloensis   CAG02377

      (Beach strawberry)
      Fragaria chiloensis

      One of the wild ancestors of the modern strawberry found along the Pacific coast of both North and South America as well as Hawaii.

      A vigorous ground-cover spreading by surface rooting runners and well adapted to sandy soil or anything but the most compacted clay, where it will form a weed suppressing dark green mat composed of serrated, trifoliate leaves of which the underside and stalks are densely clothed in short soft hairs.

      Perhaps at it's most useful in shady sites, even solid dark shade, where it demands far less summer water than most any alternative. Plant with Spanish bluebells (Hyacinthoides hispanica) for some added spring colour.

      Of course this is still a Strawberry and the small, tart, but highly aromatic fruit are formed during spring and early summer from pure white rose-like flowers typically hidden amongst the foliage.

  • Iris
    • unguicularis ‘Mia’   CAG01460

      (Winter Iris, Algerian Iris)
      Iris unguicularis ‘Mia’

      A choice cultivar selected by David Glenn at Lambley Nursery notable for its shorter more upright foliage that better reveals clear lavender blooms for an extended period over winter. Forms permanent compact clumps of dark green, strappy foliage in sun or light shade.

      For any reasonably well drained soil, summer irrigation optional.

      All the Winter Iris are excellent candidates for that miserable strip against the south side of the house were it is too shaded in winter and too sunny in summer for lesser plants.

  • Mimulus

    (Monkey flowers)

    • aurantiacus   CAG00482

      (Sticky monkey flower) syn. Diplacus aurantiacus
      Mimulus aurantiacus

      A sensational and drought tolerant shrubby perennial from southern California. Pairs of slightly sticky dark green leaves clothe the soft scrambling stems and are joined in spring and summer by a endless profusion of widely flared, pale apricot, trumpet shaped flowers.

      During the heat and dry conditions of summer the leaves slowly roll up to conserve moisture, to the gardener uninitiated in the ways of drought tolerant plants this would seem to demand a good watering but such action will sooner or later lead to the untimely demise of this beautiful plant.

      Quick growing and happy in any soil with at least reasonable drainage.

      At their happiest with light summer shade where the flowering period is greatly extended.

      Perfect for planting beneath unirrigated roses for a world of unique colour combinations.

  • Thalictrum
    • flavum subsp. glaucum   CAG00632

      The large mounds of steely blue, fern-like foliage, of this clump forming, winter dormant perennial, are an exceptional foil for bold flowers such as Hemerocallis, Canna and Kniphofia, and are the perfect companion for the purple leaves of Eucomis ‘Oakhurst‘ and Clematis recta ‘Purpurea’.
      Luscious, fat shoots of purple tinted new leaves in spring and explosions of sulphur yellow flowers in mid summer, make this North African native yet more garden worthy.

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