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  • Dalea
    • purpurea   CAG02646

      (Purple prairie clover)

      Wand like stems lightly dressed in small divided leaves spring from a deep perennial taproot and are topped with small cone like heads of bright magenta flowers. Found throughout central North America and a natural component of the tall grass prairies, it is an appealing companion for your choice grasses, I might suggest Little blue stem (Schizachyrium scoparium) and/or Big blue stem (Andropogon gerardii) which are both natural and stunning associations, scatter it through a gravel garden to exemplify its form or simply mass it for a swathe of unadulterated summer colour.

      A nitrogen fixing legume well regarded for its ability to thrive in hot dry summers and poor soils in its native home. I will reserve my judgement until I have known it a little longer but strongly suspect we have a winner.

      Winter dormant and attractive in seed. For any sunny reasonably well drained soil, some amount of summer irrigation will be appreciated.

  • Fallugia


    • paradoxa   CAG02239

      (Apache plume)
      Fallugia paradoxa

      This intriguing member of the Rose family bears pure white five petalled rose flowers on very slender, twiggy, silvery-white branches, sparsely adorned with small, evergreen, clasping, leathery, filigree leaves and followed by long lasting, feathery, silvery pink plumes.

      Quite quickly forming an airy shrub at it's very best backlit by late afternoon sun when the feathery seed heads take on an ethereal glow.

      Found in desert regions of the south west United States and northern Mexico it should prove to be extremely heat, drought and cold tolerant as well as enjoy being baked by hot walls, paving, car parks and road edges. Unlikely to perform well on the east coast though it may prove more successful inland.

      All but poorly drained soils should be ideal.

      Evergreen in Perth, it could be deciduous with cold enough weather that few places in Australia are likely to provide.

  • Persicaria
    • virginiana   CAG01289

      (Virginia knotweed)

      A winter deciduous perennial from the south eastern U.S. forming a shrubby mound of broadly lance shaped leaves cut from olivine velvet, each stamped boldly with a rusty chevron, and bearing filamentous wands of tiny magenta flowers followed by crimson seeds that last through autumn and pick beautifully.

      Such lush foliage demands a modicum of summer irrigation and shelter but is otherwise quite heat loving and easily grown in well drained soil where it will self sow. Like most perennials it takes a couple of years to show its true potential.

      Cut to ground level once the stems die back in early winter.

      Makes a lovely pot plant if never allowed to dry out.

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