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  • Ajuga
    • australis   CAG01853

      (Austral bugle)

      A hardy clumping species from south east Australia very unlike the more familiar moisture loving ground covering members of its race.
      Rosettes of red tinted, dark green, bluntly toothed, lance shaped leaves appear to be cut from red backed velvet and in late winter produce tall slender spires of rich blue, two lipped, tubular flowers in whorls among small velvet leaflets.

      Gorgeous, drought hardy and self seeding in any lightly shaded well drained soil that is not over watered and over mulched. Will happily go dormant to survive dryness so don't be alarmed if it temporarily disappears over summer.

      Beautiful in a deep pot perhaps shared with some not too vigorous cool season bulbs and an ideal garden companion for wild Cyclamen whose form, foliage and flowers make the perfect compliment, at least in my opinion.

  • Oxalis

    (Wood sorrel)

    A globally distributed genus with as many different growth habits as there are habitats.

    Cormous species from winter rainfall regions of southern Africa are of most relevance to Perth gardens, being hardy and colourful while requiring no summer water. Well suited to massed display and accepting of pots unlike most geophytes. Many too flower in autumn and winter when blooms can be scarce.
    • triangularis subsp. papilionacea   CAG01715

      A marvellous foliage plant whose opulent, trifoliate, dark purple leaves, with brighter chevron markings, are immediately coveted and then gaped at incredulously after learning it is not only an Oxalis, a genus deleteriously dismissed, but easily grown in any well drained soil, sun or shade. The attractive, pale pink, five petalled, bell-like flowers are merely an added bonus.

      Slowly clump forming it usually takes a year or so to establish it's fleshy tap root before looking brilliant and then tolerates dry spells or excessive heat by going temporarily dormant, as it does through winter, though it may still continue to flower even without leaves.

      Sensational in a pot deep enough to accommodate a root system that while relatively deep is not aggressive and plays well with companions.

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