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  • Miscanthus

    (Silvergrass, Eulalia grass)

    • ’Purpurascens‘   CAG02326
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      Perhaps offering the best seasonal colour of any grass, luminous fiery tones in autumn become bright russet and curling in winter all while topped with the fluffy cream seedheads.
      Not to be confused M. sinensis, M. ‘Purpurascens’ is a slow spreader which lends it to mass planting in either natural or formal designs where its soft non-cutting foliage and small stature allows its use even beside paths.

    • x giganteus   CAG01211
      Miscanthus x giganteus

      A Winter dormant, clumping, perennial grass and perhaps the most dynamic and useful plant you can have in your garden. Emerging in August the cane like stems, bearing 2cm wide, gracefully arching, grassy leaves, reach by late January 2m or more, to then be topped by feathery plumes on 60cm long stalks.

      One of my favourite plants. In spring each year I am amazed at how each day the lush growth gains height, in summer I love it's towering presence and the rustle of the leaves in the wind, in autumn for it's change of coat as a backdrop for just about everything and in winter for it's unadorned verticality and lack thereof when I finally reduce it to nothing.

      Cut down in late autumn or leave the naked, straw coloured, stems for winter interest, to be cut down as the new growth emerges.

      Unlike most Miscanthus, in our climate M. x giganteus does go completely winter dormant.

      The cut stems are an excellent long lasting mulch and make great light duty garden stakes, as we use in the nursery.
      In other parts of the world it is used for many purposes, from making biodegradable pots to fuelling power plants.

    • sinensis ‘Hiawatha’   CAG02194
      Miscanthus sinensis ‘Hiawatha’

      A choice form selected at Lambley Nursery that is less imposing than many cultivars, with fine gracefully arching foliage of around waste height, ideal for visually wading through, and with the typical fawn plumes reaching only around 1.6m. Good autumn-winter effect even in warm regions where others don't.

      Easily grown in any sunny soil with adequate moisture at least until flowering.

      Tends to not go totally deciduous here so crop close to the ground by late winter to allow for renewed spring growth and garden dynamism.
      For permanent plantings that improve with age.

    • sinensis ‘Zebrinus’   CAG00485

      A large winter dormant grass. The dark green leaves are unusually marked with broad horizontal cream-gold bands. In autumn the highly ornamental seed heads are produced which upon drying curl into a loose spiral. Keenly sought after. Cut back in winter. Will not seed or run.

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