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  • Eriogonum
    • arborescens   CAG02925

      (Santa Cruz Island buckwheat)

      A dome of fine silvery grey rosettes bearing flattish heads of palest pink flowers that darken to burnt sienna and last until stripped by winter rain. From the Channel Islands off California and revelling in coastal conditions and hot dry summers.

      Offers great potential for avant-garde designs with earth toned pottery or paving, or brightly coloured glass forms and background walls for more modernity.

      For any well drained soil though the leaner the better. Tolerant of some irrigation but less so with increasing temps.

      Questionable in eastern states and definitely not for the tropics.

    • grande var. rubescens   CAG02374

      (Red buckwheat, San Miguel Island buckwheat)

      Rosettes of small, dark green, lightly felted, white backed, paddle-like leaves neatly cushion and bear profusely, branching clusters of tiny, long lasting, rich rosy pink flowers to the adoration of nectar feeding insects.

      Just as hardy as the other Californian Buckwheats despite appearing more like a delicate denizen of cool climate cottage gardens. Plant with other sumptuous dry lovers, e.g. Echinops, Iris albicans, Nepeta, or even other Eriogonium for a more relaxing climate wise equivalent or just mass plant for eye popping colour. Could be great in car park islands, low growing, low maintenance, long lived and no retic wrangling required.

      For any lean, well drained soil with as little summer water as possible. Thrives on coastal sands.

      An annual removal of spent flowerheads when they eventually become unattractive, either before or after they develop their characteristic aging rustiness, allowing continued enjoyment of debonair form and foliage.

  • Gilia
  • Phacelia
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