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  • Pycnanthemum
    • muticum   CAG00479

      (Short toothed mountain mint)
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      A gentle spreader from eastern North America with a fresh minty fragrance, forming a billowing stand of reddish vertical stems with alternating pairs of rich green, spear head shaped leaves. In early summer, the pairs of topmost of leaves turn bright silver and support a ring of small white flowers.
      Cloud-like and addictive en masse.

      Cut back to ground level after flowering for a repeat performance and again in winter to make way for the new seasons growth.

      Needs plenty of moisture until flowering but it can at least thrive in heavy soil.

  • Achillea


  • Agastache
    • foeniculum   CAG01835

      (Anise hyssop, Licorice mint)

      A vigorous, clumping, Winter dormant perennial. Strong, square, stiffly erect stems, bear pairs of dark green, softly textured, sharply toothed, broadly lance shaped leaves which are strongly scented of licorice. All Summer and Autumn fat spikes of purple, tubular flowers are borne in great profusion to the delight of many nectar feeding insects.

      Cut to the ground in Autumn or enjoy the seed heads over Winter.

      Great for the tall border, or the back of a shorter one, perhaps with Salvia azurea and Monarda fistulosa.
      The fast growing mounds of leaves in Spring are alone, enough to make it worthy of garden space.

  • Andropogon
    • gerardii   CAG02015

      (Big bluestem, Turkey foot)
      Andropogon gerardii

      A magnificent deciduous grass from the tall grass prairies of North America. Soft, mid to blue green, narrow leaves rise from a dense clump of subterranean corms. Unexciting three parted flowers are borne in Summer but it in Autumn the leaves colour spectacularly, in reds, yellows and oranges.
      Makes an elegant screen, backdrop or cattle feed.
      Very deep rooted and dry tolerant once established.

      Well behaved, long lived, thrives in all but extremely wet soil and extremely low maintenance, cut it to ground level in Winter.

  • Aster
  • Calamagrostis
    • x acutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’   CAG02016

      A clumping grass of European origin and great repute, discovered by the notable Dutch nurseryman of the same name. A dense clump of gently weeping, rich green, 5mm wide leaves producing many vertical stems bearing tan plumes that are long lasting and age to a rich straw. Unfortunately evergreen in our climate, so we don't get the outstanding seasonal form of colder regions, but a good cut to ground level each autumn will see it fresh and vigorous through winter.

      Easily grown in any soil with moderate summer moisture.

      Has a more definitive presence than more arching, weeping type grasses, to the extant that it can be used in formal or rigid designs and makes an ideal soft, seasonal divider or low screen between different areas in the garden when in flower.

  • Chasmanthium


  • Dalea
    • purpurea   CAG02646

      (Purple prairie clover)

      Wand like stems lightly dressed in small divided leaves spring from a deep perennial taproot and are topped with small cone like heads of bright magenta flowers. Found throughout central North America and a natural component of the tall grass prairies, it is an appealing companion for your choice grasses, I might suggest Little blue stem (Schizachyrium scoparium) and/or Big blue stem (Andropogon gerardii) which are both natural and stunning associations, scatter it through a gravel garden to exemplify its form or simply mass it for a swathe of unadulterated summer colour.

      A nitrogen fixing legume well regarded for its ability to thrive in hot dry summers and poor soils in its native home. I will reserve my judgement until I have known it a little longer but strongly suspect we have a winner.

      Winter dormant and attractive in seed. For any sunny reasonably well drained soil, some amount of summer irrigation will be appreciated.

  • Geranium
  • Helleborus
    • argutifolius   CAG00280

      A clumping evergreen perennial. Slender stalks are topped with large, tough, sharply toothed, grey-green, glossy, dissected leaves. In late Winter branching stems are produced bearing many single, pale green, rose-like flowers which persist for several weeks . Provide with an alkaline, well drained soil. Plant the crown below the soil level.

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