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  • Escallonia
    • illinita   CAG01364
      Flowering SeasonSpring
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      Seemingly not very exciting this evergreen from Chile forms a semi-lax shrub whose stiff, slender branches are loosely clothed with small, wavy, elliptic, satiny, green leaves and carry short panicles of small, tubular, white flowers. Though quietly appealing it is the fallen foliage that emits a pleasing curry like aroma when crushed or walked on that makes it an attractive low input candidate for planting besides paths or seating areas in formal or informal gardens.

      Easily grown in any well drained but not too rich or moist soil in all but the most exposed sites. Appreciates a little summer water in Perth but in cooler regions should be fine with none. Prunes well and could even make an informal hedge but is otherwise happy to be left alone for many years.

  • Halleria
    • lucida   CAG01050

      (Tree fuchsia, White olive)
      Flowering SeasonWi - Su
      WaterM - L
      LightSun - Shade
      Halleria lucida
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      One of those curious plants that flowers on its branches and trunk rather than at the tips of new growth, with clusters of small, brown, tubular, foxglove-like flowers, conspicuous when on bare bark, are adored by nectar feeding birds and followed by edible but unpalatable grape-like black berries.
      It forms a dense shrub or even a small quite shapely tree if unbutchered but it takes pruning well and its finely toothed, satiny, ovoid leaves and dense but graceful habit would probably make for a fine hedge or screen, of course denser growth will obscure the flowers. A pleached allée might allow for the best of both worlds or else grow it by a path where you can marvel at the flowers as you walk beneath, otherwise just a useful dense evergreen fort background plantings or to hide a wall.

      I wouldn't recommend it for somewhere hot and too exposed, it's from the summer rainfall areas of southern Africa not the west coast, but once established it is very durable, highly shade tolerant and will survive with minimal summer watering.

  • Escallonia
  • Muehlenbeckia
    • complexa   CAG02744

      (Pohuehue, Maidenhair vine)
      Flowering SeasonSp - Su
      LightSun - Shade

      A New Zealand vine for the clothing of unsightly structures, the finest wire frame topiary and often grown free standing as a hedge. Dark, wiry stems, sparingly bear, tiny, glossy, almost circular leaves, grow rapidly and branch readily to form a darkly appealing, shaggy curtain, or billowing mounds sans support.
      Fluid and amorphous, regular trimming improves density and can yield surprisingly articulate definition. I imagine, clipped into a free form sculpture, it could compose an entire garden, restful and easily maintained with a hedge trimmer (no woody branches here), especially practical and appealing in commercial installations, drive-throughs for instance, which are typically filled with ill suited shrubbery clipped to within an inch of life. Clusters of tiny. cream, urn shaped flowers of no importance.

      Hardy and rambunctious, tolerant of sun or shade and any reasonably drained soil, some summer water is recommended to maintain lushness. Not a good idea on living trees, great for cloaking dead ones.

  • Myrsine
  • Rosmarinus
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