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  • Centaurea
    • cyanus Mixed   CAG02480

      (Cornflower, Bachelors button)

      The humble Cornflower, an annual so named for it's propensity for growing amongst field crops across Europe.

      Each cluster of darker hued tiny flowers is surrounded by a ruff of much larger and lighter coloured florets in pink, white, purple or traditional blue and is held on a long slender stem, ideal for picking, and is clad towards the base with silvery green, lance shaped leaves.

      Truly happy in exposed, sunny, well drained soil.

      The flowers make a colourful garnish or addition to salads.

      Scratch seeds into bare, sunny, well drained soil in autumn or early winter.

      Each pack contains surfeit of 50+ seeds.

  • Sambucus
    • nigra   CAG00699

      (Elderberry, Elder)
      Sambucus nigra

      An evergreen large shrub or small tree common to Europe. Bright green divided leaves, to 30cm long, are held in pairs on strong hollow stems up to 6m high. During the warmer months large lacy heads of small white starry flowers are produced, sometimes followed by black berries.

      The flowers and berries are edible and the flowers are traditionally used to make elderflower wines and cordials, and can be added to pancakes for something different.

      A fairly high water user with little tolerance for drought but quite lovely by the veggie patch or beside a lawn where it will appreciate the extra water and can be cut down hard, when in active growth, to keep its size in check and encourage bolder foliage or to act as an informal screen.

  • Tagetes
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