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  • Amaryllis
    • belladonna   CAG01045

      (Easter lily, Naked lady)
      Flowering SeasonAutumn
      LightSun - Shade
      Amaryllis belladonna
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      A super tough South African that should need little introduction, though, where once its autumn spectacle was taken for granted through the South West it is now being increasingly displaced by fleeting makeover starlets.

      Clusters of large. flaring, funnel shaped flowers, pale pink and deepening with age, are carried atop sturdy, fleshy stems. The strappy, dark green leaves emerge after flowering from the necks of large, papery, brown bulbs that are typically somewhat exposed, adjusting to their preferred depth with the aid of contractile roots. Becoming deciduous with rising temperatures in spring and then requiring zero water over summer.

      Infallible in any soil, in any position except the densest shade. Usually takes several years to settle in and commence flowering for perpetuity.

      For me, nothing heralds more the imminent return of cooler weather and rain than the sight of fat buds thrusting naked from parched ground. I imagine it is the same joy that gardeners in cold regions feel on seeing the first hint of spring in a shoot emerging from snow.

    • belladonna Deep pink   CAG02331
      Flowering SeasonAutumn
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      Clusters of deep magenta-pink, widely flaring trumpet-like flowers pop up on juicy stalks at the end of summer to be followed by tidy clumps of strappy dark green leaves that emerge from plump papery tuniced bulbs.

      More richly coloured flowers and lower, narrower foliage than typical A. belladonna fare, I suppose this to have some Nerine influence (x Amarine maybe) or it may just be natural variability within the species.

      Summer dormant and indestructibly hardy, grows anywhere in anything and lives forever. My mother found this years ago sitting on clay pan, in standing water (not recommended), surrounded by horses, a relic of early settlement given the size of the clump. Native to southern Africa.

  • Arctotis
  • Artemisia
    • abrotanum   CAG02981

      (Southernwood, Lad's love)
      Flowering SeasonSp - Su
      LightFull Sun
      for $7.00earn 100 points

      A stiff mounding shrub with lacy, grey-green leaves surrounding reddish stems. Upright when young becoming denser and shrubbier with annual pruning to remove the wand-like stems of pale sulphur, button-like flowers which offer little interest other than than seasonally pleasing vertical accent. Found wild through much of southern Europe and the Mediterranean.

      Quite dark in active growth during the cooler months, greyer in summer, it can make a stunning counterpoint to silver leaved plants and offers potential for clipping into fuzzy balls, low informal hedges or parterre.

      Perfectly hardy to heat, drought and frost in any well drained soil with maximum sun. Too much shade, moisture or rich soil turns it into a pointless green thing.

      Might actually be A. camphorata if such a thing exists.

    • absinthium ‘Lambrook Silver’   CAG01478
      Flowering SeasonSummer
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      A first class perennial from the garden of Marjorie Fish, forming a clump of lacy, gently arching, silver leaves. A valuable component of any designers palette of high impact plants, providing sufficient interest and contrast without visual competition. Panicles of pale yellow, button-like flowers are borne in summer, after which a quick cut to ground can restore order, if desired, or else wait until winter when it is semi-deciduous.

      Lower growing and more refined than the species which is found throughout Europe, western Asia and northern Africa.
      More graceful and less spreading than A. ‘Powis Castle’ but almost as indestructible and seems to be more clay tolerant. Easily grown in any well drained, sunny, lean soil. Likely to be short lived in areas with high summer humidity, a lifer everywhere else.

      Also the defining constituent of Absinthe.

    • arborescens   CAG00857

      (Tree wormwood)
      Flowering SeasonSp - Su
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      An upright shrub from the Mediterranean, of irrefutable hardiness, with soft, finely dissected, silver leaves, its fluid texture sets it apart from other silver shrubs allowing for more liberal use, even by gardeners dainty of heart. As a background foil or informal hedge it is hard to beat and was once used often on fence lines to separate garden from landscape, a duty it will fulfill for decades with utter neglect but a little judicious annual pruning yields a plant of far higher calibre, at home in the most well manicured urban designs. It should be common place in carparks.

      Indestructible in any well drained sunny soil, summer irrigation is irrelevant.

      Panicles of insignificant flowers are borne in spring.

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