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  • Gladiolus
    • dalenii   CAG00265
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      A vigorous and reliable species for the garden, producing large clumps of blue green, sword-like foliage and bearing tall spikes of pale red and yellow, trumpet shaped flowers in summer and often again in autumn. Dies down in winter to return ever more vigorously the following year.

      Found throughout the summer rainfall regions of southern and tropical Africa and very easy in the garden with regular watering in all but the heaviest of soils and making a lovely companion for Daylilies, Montbretias and Lily of the nile.

      Excellent for cutting as a Gladdy is expected to be.

  • Achillea


  • Ageratum
    • houstonianum Perennial   CAG00079

      (Perennial Ageratum, Floss flower)
      Ageratum houstonianum Perennial

      A robust perennial form of the common bedding annual Floss flower from Mexico and grown in Australia for many years, its origins lost in the mists of time. Forms a stiff shrub clothed in softly haired, triangular, mid green leaves, cupping in a dryer atmosphere. Tight clusters of light blue, pompom-like flowers are produced throughout the year on long stems, making it perfect for picking and very popular in the florist trade.

      Dead head and prune regularly when in active growth, never to dead wood, to promote flowering.

      Starts riots in the butterfly world, particular among Monarchs and Lesser Wanderers who find it irresistible.

      Clay soil is unacceptable, otherwise easily grown in rich well irrigated soil. Will suffer in all but the mildest frosts.

  • Alstroemeria
    • ‘Peach Melba’   CAG00924

      An evergreen, clumping perennial. Throughout the warmer months tall stems bear, yellowy, apricotty, pink (hard to describe), funnel shaped flowers, with brown flecks on the yellow bases of the upper petals.
      As they brown, spent stems can be removed by pulling.
      Plant in well drained soil, feed well.
      Superb cut flower.

  • Amaryllis
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