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  • Canarina
    • canariensis   CAG01713

      (Canary Island bellflower)
      Flowering SeasonWi - Sp
      LightLight Shade
      Canarina canariensis
      for $7.00earn 100 points

      A winter growing climber from the Canary Islands and one of the few members of the Campanula family with flowers of a colour other than blue, purple, white or pink.

      Succulent stems scramble over any nearby support clothing themselves as they grow with rubbery, toothed, triangular leaves. From mid winter until the summer heat, pendant , bell shaped, orange flowers, intricately veined in red, glow amongst the foliage. Improbably real, rather seeming to be molded from translucent orange rubber and stuck on by a garden prankster.
      With the onset of summer it quietly retreats underground to it's large tuberous roots to await the cooler moister weather needed to support such a riot of opulent growth, making it ideally suited to Perth's Mediterranean climate.

      A lightly shaded site with well drained soil and little if any summer water is ideal. Against the south side of a house or other building is often to it's liking making it one of the few plants to thrive in such a situation.

      So unlike any other plant. Plant porn as it's finest.

  • Dioscorea
    • alata   CAG03164

      (Purple yam)
      Flowering SeasonSu - Au
      WaterM - H
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      This tropical Asian root vegetable actually makes a very attractive foliage plant for a pot, even indoors I expect though I've yet to try it. Its twining tendrils clothing themselves in dark glossy green, squarely heart shaped leaves to sumptuously flow over the side of a pot or hanging basket, cover a fence or screen, or dress up a scraggly shrub or bare stemmed bamboo. Come winter the whole lot dies off so you you never have to worry about it taking over and leaving you free to dig up the tasty subterranean, purple fleshed tubers without affecting growth.

      Ideally it would be kept drier during it's winter dormancy but it does fine in the nursery without any protection from rain in well drained soil. I wouldn't waste my time planting it in the ground as our (Perth) soil temperature is too low for most of the year to satisfy many tropical geophytes, pots heat up quicker giving a longer growing season and better yields.

  • Lathyrus
    • odoratus ‘High Scent’   CAG02804

      (Sweet pea)
      Flowering SeasonSpring
      for $3.00earn 15 points

      A modern Sweet pea considered to be one of the most strongly scented. The vigorous plants bear an abundance of large creamy flowers edged in lavender throughout spring and well into summer if given the chance. Remove the spent plants once the seeds have scattered or been harvested.

      Self seeds reliably and performs brilliantly without irrigation although a few drinks late in the season will greatly extend flowering. Happy in any soil from sand to clay that is preferably alkaline (pH > 7).

      Scatter a few seeds around, preferably near something for them climb on or else they make a lovely weed suppressing ground cover, for an instant cottage garden.

      Each packet contains 20+ seeds, enough to cover the average suburban fence.

  • Pereskia
    • aculeata ‘Godseffiana’   CAG03085

      (Barbados gooseberry, Leaf cactus)
      Flowering SeasonSummer
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      A remarkably exotic climber from the tropical Americas with peach toned, broadly lance shaped, fleshy leaves clothing scrambling stems adorned with short spines in bunches. The clusters of many petalled, pallid cream, cup shaped flowers with prominent orange bosses are followed by edible orange fruit.
      While in cooler areas (Perth) the flower and fruit may be unreliable it has foliage to die for and makes a fabulous pot subject even for the non-lovers of Cacti (which it is but one of the few with leaves).

      Easily grown in any well drained soil, reputedly indestructible in the tropics, here it will burn in too much sun. Water freely during summer growth and sparingly or not at all while deciduous in winter.

  • Dioscorea
  • Humulus
  • Hydrangea
    • seemannii   CAG00430
      Flowering SeasonSpring
      WaterM - H
      LightLight Shade

      A vigorous climbing species from the forests of Mexico, not to be confused with the slower growing and less heat tolerant H. petiolaris from Japan which is more commonly seen treasured and struggling in our gardens.

      The simple, light green, barely serrated, broadly lanceolate, semi glossed leaves beautifully clothe any available porous surface that the slender dark barked stems can adhere their roots to and then bear in spring a foam of white flower-heads, small and fertile flowers in a cluster surrounded by showier infertile bracts, typical of the genus.
      A moist decaying tree stump is probably it's utopian ideal but the trunk of tree or even a shady south wall can be found to be quite suitable, perhaps even as a ground cover under trees although it may not flower well unless it can climb.

  • Kennedia
  • Lathyrus
  • Lonicera
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