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  • Origanum
    • vulgare ‘Thumble's Variety’   CAG02775

      Flowering SeasonSpring
      WaterM - L
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      An attractive chartreuse groundcover forming a very flat dense mat of soft, rounded leaves. A flowing foil for brightly coloured flowers, magenta or electric blue are always winners with chartreuse, or as lift beneath the eaves of sombre foliaged shrubs.

      Foamy heads of small near white flowers in rosy bracts lend a free spirited beauty in spring.

      Just as tasty as the boring green forms but much more sun tolerant and reliable than O. vulgare ‘Aureum’, though not as brassy in colour, which it has superseded in the nursery.

  • Pereskia
    • aculeata ‘Godseffiana’   CAG03085

      (Barbados gooseberry, Leaf cactus)
      Flowering SeasonSummer
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      A remarkably exotic climber from the tropical Americas with peach toned, broadly lance shaped, fleshy leaves clothing scrambling stems adorned with short spines in bunches. The clusters of many petalled, pallid cream, cup shaped flowers with prominent orange bosses are followed by edible orange fruit.
      While in cooler areas (Perth) the flower and fruit may be unreliable it has foliage to die for and makes a fabulous pot subject even for the non-lovers of Cacti (which it is but one of the few with leaves).

      Easily grown in any well drained soil, reputedly indestructible in the tropics, here it will burn in too much sun. Water freely during summer growth and sparingly or not at all while deciduous in winter.

  • Portulacaria
    • afra ‘Aurea’   CAG03031

      (Jade, Porkbush)
      Flowering SeasonWi - Sp
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      The golden leaved form of the oft encountered Jade. A lax shrub with succulent red stems that become increasingly swollen with age, developing a peeling papery bark, and bearing fat, rounded, lime coloured leaves, acid yellow in full summer sun, with older specimens bearing attractive clusters of pale pink flowers in late winter.

      Maybe a little slower than the commonest green forms but still excels as a succulent, drought tolerant hedge and can make a stunning eternal groundcover given consistent force. With its foliage colour subtly changing with light exposure a billowing mass becomes a multi-toned sculpture suitable for even the largest plantings and thriving in concrete urban environs. Alternatively severely restrict resources for autonomous bonsai between 10cm and 2m depending on container size or just poke it in anywhere to create juicy colour combos.

      Indestructible in any reasonable drained soil, some summer irrigation is appreciated to replicate its summer rainfall home in south eastern Africa but it will survive without after a few years. Tolerant of light frost.

  • Sedum
    • ‘Gold Mound’   CAG00971
      Flowering SeasonSp - Su
      LightSun - L. Sh.
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      A quick growing, evergreen, succulent groundcover. The slnouous, fleshy stems, densely clothed in soft, needle-like leaves, form a thick, bright yellow carpet over the ground. In spring branched stems of small yellow flowers are borne, after which the whole plant should be cut back hard.
      An excellent plant for providing solid colour all year round

  • Tradescantia
    • (Andersoniana Group) ‘Sweet Kate’   CAG01475

      Flowering SeasonSummer
      LightSun - L. Sh.
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      A choice cultivar grown as much for the clumps of deeply channelled, linear, citron coloured foliage as the satiny, three petalled, royal purple flowers that sit upon it. The perfect companion for modern brightly coloured Heuchera, in regions where they grow well, for maximum foliage fantasy.

      Needs protection from heat and exposure to look its best but is easily grown in any reasonably drained soil or in a pot capable of housing its large fleshy root system.

      Soundly perennial and winter dormant.

  • Acanthus
    • mollis ‘Hollard's Gold’   CAG01102

      (Golden bear's breeches)
      Flowering SeasonSpring
      WaterL - M
      LightSun - L. Sh.
      Acanthus mollis ‘Hollard's Gold’

      One of the most beautiful chartreuse leaved plants you could ever grow.

      Large, 60cm plus, sharply scalloped, red stemmed leaves form spectacular rosettes over Winter, from the centre of which emerge each Spring, sturdy, 1m tall stalks topped with large hooded pink and white flowers, enclosed in sharp leafy bracts.

      Both the leaves and flowers are excellent for cutting and the flowers remain interesting even when dried.

      Will happily go dormant over Summer if grown dry, my prefered option as it can then be grown in full sun for best colour and the curled golden leaves erupting from the bare earth each Autumn are a breath taking sight.

  • Caryopteris
  • Humulus
  • Pelargonium
    • ‘Ann Tilling’ (Z/C)   CAG01318
      Flowering SeasonSp - Au
      LightLight Shade

      Indispensable to West Australian gardeners, this is the golden/lime/chartreuse leaved trailing variety found in every mature garden, be it tucked around the base of a tree or spilling from a pot on the verandah.

      Stunning lime green to acid yellow (depends on light level), rounded, scalloped leaves that bear a prominent maroon watermark ring during summer, form a dense ground hugging mound, rather than the sparse awkward shrub that most become, that is studded with rich salmon-pink flowers throughout the warmer months.

      Extremely useful bright filler for tough shaded spots and coloured foliage ensembles or make the most of it and mass plant for a billowing luminous carpet offset with a few dark leaved Clivia, bluish Agave attenuata or Arthropodium cirratum.

      Easily grown in any well drained lightly shaded soil, its pale leaves will scorch in sun. Responds well to summer irrigation but it's not essential.

    • x hortorum Chartreuse   CAG02567
      Pelargonium x hortorum Chartreuse

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