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  • Agave
    • vivipara var. marginata   CAG02018
      Flowering SeasonSpring
      Agave vivipara var. marginata
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      A quick growing variety, small enough for a large pot but large enough to make a statement, with a stiff almost harsh demeanour, useful for stark architectural style or high contrast with softer forms, especially so in groups.

      Sparse, slightly taller than spherical rosettes of very rigid, long, tapering, glaucous green leaves, generously edged with cream variegation, short, dark, marginal teeth and terminating in a short black spine.

      Spreads moderately by underground stolons and such colonies are particularly attractive but need appropriate space.

      Individual rosettes produce after many (10+) years a spectacular tree like inflorescence, the remains of which are often used in floral art, bearing thousands of erect, yellow green, tubular flowers, in tight clusters, which are much loved by nectar feeding birds and insects, and then rapidly decline and die to be succeeded by younger offsets or bulbils.

  • Anemopsis
    • californica   CAG02413

      (Yerba mansa)
      Flowering SeasonSpring
      Anemopsis californica
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      Rosettes of paddle shaped, waxy looking leaves, spicily fragrant when crushed, slowly form large colonies from which arise slender stemmed, pure white, cone centred flowers that stain red with age and vaguely resemble an Anemone or Echinacea.

      Both beautiful and seemingly delicate, it is native to seeps and springs in the deserts of the North American South West and is perfectly at home with blistering heat, frost, salinity and periodic drying out. Practically indestructible, "the" pond/dam plant for gardens where lesser aquatics fail and a beautiful addition to water gardens everywhere else. For shallow water or even a moist spot in the garden.

      Cut to ground level once the foliage has died back in autumn to make way for the new seasons growth..

      Not to be confused with Anemonopsis the delicate woodland plant.

  • Foeniculum
    • vulgare ‘Purpureum’   CAG00973

      (Bronze fennel)
      Flowering SeasonSummer
      LightFull Sun
      Foeniculum vulgare ‘Purpureum’
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      Sultry mounds of feathered bronze-purple foliage rank Bronze fennel among the worlds best foliage plants and yet it's somehow rarely used here in gardens despite its love for our climate and sandy soil.

      A tough, clump forming perennial from coastal regions of the Mediterranean where the tender new leaves and seeds are used in a variety of ways for their strongly anise flavour. The low mounds of foliage slowly develop through spring to become towering stalks by mid summer, topped by flat heads of tiny acidic yellow flowers. This seasonal progression of form and scale adds that dimension missing from gardens of static evergreens, time. Cut it near to ground level with the onset of cooler autumn weather to repeat the performance with even more grandeur for the coming year.

      Thriving in sandy soils (it tolerates clay too) its deeply probing fleshy rootstock is well adapted to our mediterranean summers and once established needs no irrigation though a few drinks in early summer can extend its winter lushness if desired. Self seeds too into bare soil, if unwanted chop before seed set.

      Liberate it from the herb garden and mass plant it on the road verge or spice it up with Verbena bonariensis, Stipa gigantea, your favourite Bearded iris and an Agave americana or two for an irrigation free border to rival Great Dixter.

  • Helleborus
    • x sternii   CAG01335
      Flowering SeasonWi - Sp
      WaterM - L
      LightLight Shade
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      A long lived perennial with short reddish stems bearing large, toothy, trefoil leaves of glaucous pewtery green, that may be silver veined, are topped with broad bunches of rose-like, green to bronze, gently nodding, durable flowers.
      Permanent low growing interest, bold but not too in your face and not just green, for carefully curated compositions in the woodland or filling a narrow strip between hard surfaces on the south side of the house.

      A hybrid of H. lividus and H. argutifolius but hardier here than either. Easily grown in any soil with a little shade and summer water. Developing more and more stems with age, the old spent ones can be removed as the new appear in autumn, and becoming quite magnificent. Self sows.

  • Hosta
  • Pelargonium
    • ‘Mabel Grey’ (Sc)   CAG03175
      Flowering SeasonSp - Au
      WaterM - L
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      Probably the best and certainly most famous of all the lemon scented types, Mabel makes a bold ground hugging shrub with deeply incised, coarsely textured yellowish green foliage, very strongly lemon scented, adorned endlessly with clusters of candy pink five petalled flowers.

      Easily grown in any well drained soil with a modicum of summer water, I find the broad leaved types do best with a little protection here and should be cut back hard when they become leggy and are in active growth.

      Mounds of this with clumps of blue sword like Iris albicans and your silver Artemisia of choice make for a stunning mediterranean style combo in sandy soil.

  • Plectranthus
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