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  • Adenophora
  • Ageratum
    • houstonianum Perennial   CAG00079

      (Perennial Ageratum, Floss flower)
      Ageratum houstonianum Perennial

      A robust perennial form of the common bedding annual Floss flower from Mexico and grown in Australia for many years, its origins lost in the mists of time. Forms a stiff shrub clothed in softly haired, triangular, mid green leaves, cupping in a dryer atmosphere. Tight clusters of light blue, pompom-like flowers are produced throughout the year on long stems, making it perfect for picking and very popular in the florist trade.

      Dead head and prune regularly when in active growth, never to dead wood, to promote flowering.

      Starts riots in the butterfly world, particular among Monarchs and Lesser Wanderers who find it irresistible.

      Clay soil is unacceptable, otherwise easily grown in rich well irrigated soil. Will suffer in all but the mildest frosts.

  • Ajuga
    • australis   CAG01853

      (Austral bugle)

      A hardy clumping species from south east Australia very unlike the more familiar moisture loving ground covering members of its race.
      Rosettes of red tinted, dark green, bluntly toothed, lance shaped leaves appear to be cut from red backed velvet and in late winter produce tall slender spires of rich blue, two lipped, tubular flowers in whorls among small velvet leaflets.

      Gorgeous, drought hardy and self seeding in any lightly shaded well drained soil that is not over watered and over mulched. Will happily go dormant to survive dryness so don't be alarmed if it temporarily disappears over summer.

      Beautiful in a deep pot perhaps shared with some not too vigorous cool season bulbs and an ideal garden companion for wild Cyclamen whose form, foliage and flowers make the perfect compliment, at least in my opinion.

    • pyramidalis ‘Metallica Crispa’   CAG01448
    • reptans ‘Silver Carpet’   CAG00822

      An evergreen, perennial ground cover. Bears short, whorled spikes of broadly lipped, soft blue, tubular flowers in Spring and Autumn. Silver Carpet has proved to be one of the most Sun tolerant Ajugas, but some shade is still recommended if exposed to hot drying winds. Quick growing it makes a delightful carpet amongst other plants, being too low to smother anything.

  • Aquilegia
    • vulgaris Blue   CAG00095
      Aquilegia vulgaris Blue

      (Grannies Bonnets) A clumping, evergreen perennial, forming mounds of glaucous, blue-green maidenhair-like foliage. In Spring, and usually again in Autumn, tall branching stems bear many, pendant, bright blue, spurred, bell shaped flowers over several weeks. Provide with morning sun, or full sun during winter, feed well and add humus to encourage good flowering.

  • Baptisia
  • Caryopteris
  • Centaurea
    • cyanus Mixed   CAG02480

      (Cornflower, Bachelors button)

      The humble Cornflower, an annual so named for it's propensity for growing amongst field crops across Europe.

      Each cluster of darker hued tiny flowers is surrounded by a ruff of much larger and lighter coloured florets in pink, white, purple or traditional blue and is held on a long slender stem, ideal for picking, and is clad towards the base with silvery green, lance shaped leaves.

      Truly happy in exposed, sunny, well drained soil.

      The flowers make a colourful garnish or addition to salads.

      Scratch seeds into bare, sunny, well drained soil in autumn or early winter.

      Each pack contains surfeit of 50+ seeds.

  • Consolida
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