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  • Anemopsis
    • californica   CAG02413

      (Yerba mansa)
      Anemopsis californica
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      Rosettes of paddle shaped, waxy looking leaves, spicily fragrant when crushed, slowly form large colonies from which arise slender stemmed, pure white, cone centred flowers that stain red with age and vaguely resemble an Anemone or Echinacea.

      Both beautiful and seemingly delicate, it is native to seeps and springs in the deserts of the North American South West and is perfectly at home with blistering heat, frost, salinity and periodic drying out. Practically indestructible, "the" pond/dam plant for gardens where lesser aquatics fail and a beautiful addition to water gardens everywhere else. For shallow water or even a moist spot in the garden.

      Cut to ground level once the foliage has died back in autumn to make way for the new seasons growth..

      Not to be confused with Anemonopsis the delicate woodland plant.

  • Carex
    • fascicularis   CAG00163

      (Tassel sedge)
      Carex fascicularis

      From wetlands across Australia this moisture loving sedge lends an untamed feel to garden ponds or stream sides. Happily growing in shallow water or constantly moist soil the bright green, deeply keeled, razor sharp leaves form large clumps from which long slender stems of pendant tassels emerge in spring.
      A favourite hiding place for frogs or as a feature in large water tight urns to add a touch of wildness in formal settings.

      Resents being cut back or divided, like most sedges.
      Should self seed in moist enough, bare soil.

    • riparia ‘Coerulea’   CAG00870

      (Blue Sedge)

      An moisture loving, evergreen sedge, forming a radiating clump. Furry, black, tassel-like flower heads are borne on slender stems during Spring. The bluest of the sedges it is an ideal plant for a sunny pond or wet spot in the garden. Grows in wet soil to shallow water (10cm). Requires full sun to maintain good colour.Remove spent tufts as they brown.

  • Hibiscus
    • coccineus   CAG01217

      (Scarlet Hibiscus, Scarlet Rose Mallow, Swamp Hibiscus)
      Hibiscus coccineus

      A tuberous rooted, winter dormant perennial. Sturdy rod-like stems emerge in mid-spring to be sparsely clothed with large, deeply lobed, maple-like leaves and carry branches of giant, 18cm, widely open, 5 petalled, scarlet flowers.
      Can be grown in shallow water, 5cm deep, as an unusual and spectacular pond plant, or in any sunny position that stays constantly moist.

      Cut to the ground in winter or leave the corky stems and accompanying seed pods as a seasonal sculpture.

      An exotic looking, yet remarkably easy to grow plant, that those who like giant perennials, can never get enough of.

  • Iris
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