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  • Arctotis
  • Artemisia
    • absinthium ‘Lambrook Silver’   CAG01478
      Flowering SeasonSummer
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      A first class perennial from the garden of Marjorie Fish, forming a clump of lacy, gently arching, silver leaves. A valuable component of any designers palette of high impact plants, providing sufficient interest and contrast without visual competition. Panicles of pale yellow, button-like flowers are borne in summer, after which a quick cut to ground can restore order, if desired, or else wait until winter when it is semi-deciduous.

      Lower growing and more refined than the species which is found throughout Europe, western Asia and northern Africa.
      More graceful and less spreading than A. ‘Powis Castle’ but almost as indestructible and seems to be more clay tolerant. Easily grown in any well drained, sunny, lean soil. Likely to be short lived in areas with high summer humidity, a lifer everywhere else.

      Also the defining constituent of Absinthe.

    • alba ‘Canescens’   CAG00991

      syn. A. armeniaca, A. versicolor ‘Seafoam’
      Flowering SeasonSummer
      LightFull Sun
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      A grouncovering shrub of the utmost hardiness, forming a fine, silver, coral-like cushion, purple tinted under drought stress or in autumn before shedding its leaves over winter. Relatively slow growth yields years of undemanding beauty besides paths or scattered through boulders and is a perfect cover for summer dormant bulbs or other low plants of fine form. Tapering spires of pale yellow, button-like flowers lend an elegant effect but are of little import and, here at least, are seldom seen.

      Easily grown in any soil, or rock crevice, though not so happy in clay. Summer water unnecessary but tolerated, though not likely to last long in regions with high summer humidity. At it's best where lesser plants scorch and fry.

    • arborescens   CAG00857

      (Tree wormwood)
      Flowering SeasonSp - Su
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      An upright shrub from the Mediterranean, of irrefutable hardiness, with soft, finely dissected, silver leaves, its fluid texture sets it apart from other silver shrubs allowing for more liberal use, even by gardeners dainty of heart. As a background foil or informal hedge it is hard to beat and was once used often on fence lines to separate garden from landscape, a duty it will fulfill for decades with utter neglect but a little judicious annual pruning yields a plant of far higher calibre, at home in the most well manicured urban designs. It should be common place in carparks.

      Indestructible in any well drained sunny soil, summer irrigation is irrelevant.

      Panicles of insignificant flowers are borne in spring.

    • ludoviciana ‘Valerie Finnis’   CAG00925

      (Prairie sage, White sagebrush)
      Flowering SeasonSu - Au
      LightSun - L. Sh.
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      A staple of gardens the world over though indigenous through most of North America. A suckering carpet of silver, broadly lance shaped leaves for borders and edgings or combined with other vigorous perennials, Bearded Iris maybe, in drifts or clumps. Cut down regularly to maintain broadest foliage and low growth or if left unchecked it will eventually form a dense mound of wiry, branching stems bearing irrelevant, small, pale yellow, button-like flowers, quite an effective silver shrub in wilder parts of the garden or fence line.

      Very vigorous and perfectly drought tolerant on well drained soils, struggling in heavy clay though more successful in lower rainfall regions. Impervious to any heat and cold experienced in this country but, as with most of the genus, unlikely to tolerate the summer humidity of more tropical climes. Dead easy and indestructible.

      Might work as a silver, water efficient lawn when mown routinely.

      Broader, more simple leaved than A. ‘Silver Queen’ and perhaps better when kept low.

    • ‘Parfum d'Ethiopia’   CAG03071
      for $7.00earn 35 points

  • Dianthus

    (Pink, Sweet william, Carnation)

    The commonly encountered garden varieties are European plants of garden antiquity grown for their attractive, often perfumed, flowers which pick well. They are on the whole easily grown but demand excellent drainage and plenty of sun and are ideally suited to poor, dryer, well drained, alkaline soils. They are often encountered overgrown and root bound, tucked away in the shade, to which they are intolerant, and once purchased are good naturedly smothered with too much "good" garden practice.

    Pinks are known to all by name, which they lent to the colour, if not in person. Classic perennials of English cottage gardens. They have extensive root systems and most varieties offered are quite hardy in Perth with a good drink once a week over summer. They invariably have narrow, glaucous foliage resistant to dry air and high light intensity.

    Sweet williams (Dianthus barbatus) are biennials that will often persist for several years and typically have tall stems bearing clusters of small fringed flowers. They have broader leaves and require a bit softer conditions than the Pinks. The Nigrescens group seem the hardiest of the bunch and can become quite shrubby, potted colour varieties, often sold by the punnet, are worth growing but usually amount to little more than tender annuals.

    Carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus). Those developed for the cut flower market are mostly ugly plants needing support and are best left to the dedicated enthusiast or florist. Better garden plants are the seldom seen border carnations, they have the same beautiful flowers of the florist types but are less gawky, don't need staking, are often perfumed and are almost as hardy as the pinks.
    • ‘Mars’   CAG01470
      Flowering SeasonSp - Au
      LightFull Sun
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      An old modern pink, an oxymoron made possible by a long history of cultivation, bred by by the legendary breeder Montagu Allwood. Forming a tight bun of tiny, powder blue, sword like leaves that bears an abundance of small (2cm) folly (a more rosy crimson), semi double flowers, richly clove scented.

      Good drainage and maximum sunshine are essential. An occasional shearing to remove accumulated spent flowers keep it looking fresh.

      Always dependable, smaller and tighter than most it is just as at home amongst rocks or pavers as it is in a garden proper. A scattering amongst gravel with a few choice Thyme, Origanum and some diminutive bulbs makes a perfect, perfumed, water efficient and heat tolerant alpine styled garden, possible even on a rooftop.

  • Gazania
    • ‘Lemon Soda’   CAG00252
      Flowering SeasonAll
      WaterL - M
      Gazania ‘Lemon Soda’
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      An exceptional groundcover, the silver foliage flowing over hot, bare soil and amply furnished with 8cm wide, soft lemon, fully double, daisy-like flowers.
      Not to be confused with your everyday road verge Gazania, although Lemon Soda is equally as tough, this is a much more beautiful plant a must for every sunny garden and being fully double cannot self seed.

      Trim off spent flowers occasionally.

      Introduced to us via a keen gardener from Zimbabwe, who brought her favourite plants with her upon immigrating to Perth. We are ever grateful.

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