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  • Campanula


  • Chasmanthium
    • latifolium   CAG00174

      (Sea oats, River oats) Syn. Uniola latifolia
      Flowering SeasonSummer
      WaterH - M
      LightSun - L. Sh.
      Chasmanthium latifolium
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      A moisture loving perennial grass forming a vase shaped clump of reed like stems with gracefully arching spring green leaves, topped by early summer with panicles of dangling flattened oats which quickly turn a warm tan while the foliage remains fresh.
      If cut to ground level while still summer a second crop can be produced, just as fresh but less grand.

      Winter dormant and holds its form well initially but is very brittle, making it easier to snap down, rather than cut down, to make way for next seasons growth when you tire of it. Can self sow in moist soil (you're watering too frequently) so cut before seed drop if annoying, you will still get have at least a couple of months of interest out of the seed heads beforehand.

      Native to most of south eastern United States and easily grown in any summer moist soil and performs quite well in light shade. I favour it in separate elegant clumps rather than massed and it can be stunning in a fancy pot.

  • Cyclamen
    • hederifolium   CAG00966

      (Sowbread, Ivy leaved cyclamen)
      Flowering SeasonAu - Wi
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      The quintessential garden Cyclamen found in gardens across Europe (and the rest of the globe) where it is usually massed to great effect beneath deciduous trees, its preferred haunt, with its upswept five petalled pink or white blooms appearing in Autumn above the leaf litter followed by beautiful leaves of its own that are marbled in various shades of silver, with no two plants sharing quite the same patterning or even shape, which can range from a broad heart to a tapering arrowhead.

      Easily grown in any shady site with half decent drainage and winter moisture, moisture during its summer dormancy is tolerated but is not essential, and is ideally adapted to grown amongst leaf litter where it will self sow over the years for ever increasing beauty.

      Mass plant on the south side of the house, perhaps with a cover of trendy pebbles or glass, or beneath olive trees for a lifetime of reward. Makes an excellent pot subject too but eventually a very sizable pot will be needed as the flattened corm continues to expand throughout its lifetime.

      Native to much of the northern Mediterranean.

  • Cyrtanthus
    • elatus ‘Delicatus’   CAG00194
      Flowering SeasonSp - Au
      WaterM - H
      LightSun - L. Sh.
      Cyrtanthus elatus ‘Delicatus’
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      A selected pink form of the well known and scarlet flowered C. elatus and just as easily grown. An evergreen, South African bulb, excellent as a cut flower or pot subject to be brought indoors at flowering time. Stout stems bearing large, mid pink, open, trumpet shaped flowers sporadically appear throughout the warmer months from quickly clumping, strappy, leathery leaves.

      Happy with short periods of dryness but better with regular water to imitate its natural habitat of stream sides and moist slopes. Good drainage is of course essential as is a little shelter from scorching summer sun, though too much shade will affect flowering.

  • Hosta
  • Myosotis
    • sylvatica   CAG01219

      (wood Forget-me-not)
      Flowering SeasonSpring
      WaterL - H
      for $3.00earn 15 points

      A garden quintessential that really shouldn't need an introduction but then it is not seen today as often as it once was, so here goes.

      Mounds of softly haired, bright green, broadly lance shaped leaves grow over winter and erupt in spring with clusters of small, five petalled, yellow centred, azure flowers.

      As seen in deciduous woodlands throughout Europe and best sown en masse in similar conditions, or the shady side of your house, where it will hopefully naturalise or even become your most attractive weed. Works in a pot too.

      Intolerant of sunny, dry conditions and snails but otherwise dead easy and gorgeous.

      Scratch into cool moist soil in late autumn or early winter. Each pack contains 50+ seeds.

  • Primula
    • ‘Wanda’   CAG01378

      Flowering SeasonSpring
      WaterH - M
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      A true gem, even in a climate ill suited to the genus it is utterly perennial. Vibrant magenta, five petalled blooms with bright yellow centres are arranged posy-like over mats of corrugated, ground hugging, paddle shaped leaves.
      Diminutive and in your face it is an ideal subject for the pot or as groundcover for a storybook woodland, add some smaller Cyclamen for diversity.

      Easily grown in a cool position with moist, well drained soil.

  • Rehmannia
    • elata ‘Romantic Affair’   CAG00965
      Flowering SeasonSp - Su
      LightPart Shade
      Rehmannia elata ‘Romantic Affair’
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      A Chinese perennial with flat rosettes of jagged, dark green, red backed, velvety leaves forming a dense carpet from which arises slender stems, elegantly bearing, large and very showy, nodding, trumpet shaped, yellow throated, pale pink flowers. Romantic indeed.

      Easily grown in moist, well drained, preferably alkaline soil in a sheltered site and very vigorous when happy.

      Tries to be winter dormant.

  • Tradescantia
    • (Andersoniana Group) ‘Sweet Kate’   CAG01475

      Flowering SeasonSummer
      LightSun - L. Sh.
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      A choice cultivar grown as much for the clumps of deeply channelled, linear, citron coloured foliage as the satiny, three petalled, royal purple flowers that sit upon it. The perfect companion for modern brightly coloured Heuchera, in regions where they grow well, for maximum foliage fantasy.

      Needs protection from heat and exposure to look its best but is easily grown in any reasonably drained soil or in a pot capable of housing its large fleshy root system.

      Soundly perennial and winter dormant.

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