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  • Centaurea
    • cyanus Mixed   CAG02480

      (Cornflower, Bachelors button)
      Flowering SeasonSpring
      LightFull Sun
      for $3.00earn 15 points

      The humble Cornflower, an annual so named for it's propensity for growing amongst field crops across Europe.

      Each cluster of darker hued tiny flowers is surrounded by a ruff of much larger and lighter coloured florets in pink, white, purple or traditional blue and is held on a long slender stem, ideal for picking, and is clad towards the base with silvery green, lance shaped leaves.

      Truly happy in exposed, sunny, well drained soil.

      The flowers make a colourful garnish or addition to salads.

      Scratch seeds into bare, sunny, well drained soil in autumn or early winter.

      Each pack contains surfeit of 50+ seeds.

  • Consolida
    • ajacis   CAG02452

      (Larkspur, Rocket larkspur)
      Flowering SeasonSp - Su
      LightFull Sun
      for $3.00earn 15 points

      An outstanding annual replacement for the grossly more demanding garden Delphinium. Native to the Mediterranean it's most at home in sunny, well drained, alkaline soil where it produces handsome spires of densely crowded five petalled flowers in glorious shades of blue, purple, pink and white over feathery, soft green foliage.

      Self sows freely if you can resist cutting the flowers for the vase, for which they are eminently suited.

      Scratch seeds into bare soil where they are to grow in autumn or early winter.

      Each pack contains 50+ seeds at the bare minimum.

  • Echium
  • Gilia
  • Myosotis
    • sylvatica   CAG01219

      (wood Forget-me-not)
      Flowering SeasonSpring
      WaterL - H
      for $3.00earn 15 points

      A garden quintessential that really shouldn't need an introduction but then it is not seen today as often as it once was, so here goes.

      Mounds of softly haired, bright green, broadly lance shaped leaves grow over winter and erupt in spring with clusters of small, five petalled, yellow centred, azure flowers.

      As seen in deciduous woodlands throughout Europe and best sown en masse in similar conditions, or the shady side of your house, where it will hopefully naturalise or even become your most attractive weed. Works in a pot too.

      Intolerant of sunny, dry conditions and snails but otherwise dead easy and gorgeous.

      Scratch into cool moist soil in late autumn or early winter. Each pack contains 50+ seeds.

  • Nemophila
    • menziesii   CAG02519

      (Baby blue eyes)
      Flowering SeasonSpring
      Nemophila menziesii
      for $3.00earn 15 points

      A dainty looking garden treasure, easily grown and self seeding. A winter growing Californian annual well suited to life in Perth gardens. The baby blue, white throated, saucer shaped flowers are borne abundantly over soft green rosettes of pinnate leaves.

      While undeniably pretty it is perhaps at its very best in combination with other hardy Californian annuals, Eschscholzia, Limnanthes, Collinsia, Phacelia etc. either in the garden or in pots.

      Scratch into bare, well drained soil in autumn or early winter where they should self sow in following years.

      Each pack contains, at the bare minimum, 50+ seeds.

  • Phacelia
  • Salvia


    A genus whose popularity has risen exponentially in recent times. Offering a diverse range of form and colour there is a Salvia for nearly every garden situation with more and more being discovered and described all the time. The count now stands somewhere in excess of 1000, including subspecies, according to The Plant List. They are found on every continent except Antarctica.

    From a gardeners perspective they can not all be treated the same, they come from many different climates after all, but as a rule of thumb can be grouped into winter rainfall and summer rainfall species and with few exceptions they all prefer well drained soil.

    Soft leaved species from Central and South America are usually autumn and winter flowering. Coming from summer rainfall areas they typically need protection from dry heat and the accompanying high light intensity and they vary in their tolerance of winter damp. As with most plants the larger the leaves the more water they require, this also dictates how fast they grow with many growing several metres in a single season.

    Species from south western North America, South Africa, the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands are all winter growers and are tolerant or demanding of dry heat and summer drought. Slower growing but usually longer lived these all tend to have small, densely haired, silver or grey leaves or a combination of these traits which help them conserve moisture. Most of these require no additional water in Perth and are well adapted to our climate. They tend tend to flower from spring into summer.

    Prune back to where vigorous new basal growth is seen, never to dead wood, they appear to store little food in their stems and without leaves stand a chance of starving to death or at least struggle to regenerate. The exception is those few that are tuberous or clump forming, these can be cut to ground level once the stems start dying back in late autumn.
    • ‘African Skies’   CAG02343
      Flowering SeasonSp - Au
      LightFull Sun
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      Rigid, branched spikes of well spaced, soft blue, two lipped, 1cm, tubular flowers for most of the year from a small, stiff, open shrub with 2cm, finely toothed, bright green, sandpapery, broadly lance shaped leaves.

      Like its South African parents S. scabra and S. chamelaeagnea it has no need of summer irrigation, but won't complain about it either, and is at its best in sandy soils though anything moderately well drained will be okay too.

      Prune regularly for best results and denser form.

    • azurea   CAG00571

      (Pitcher sage)
      Flowering SeasonSu - Au
      LightFull Sun
      Salvia azurea
      for $7.00earn 35 points

      A sage from south eastern United States, most valued for its delicately showy spikes of azure flowers produced in the dog days of summer when others are gasping. The long, wandy, purplish stems, sparsely clothed in roughly textured, sage green, linear leaves, arise from a deeply rooted central stock in early spring and lengthen until flowering, then die off as they are being replaced with next seasons growth.

      Beautiful, graceful and dependable, easily grown in any reasonably well drained soil where available summer moisture will dictate height and laxity.

      Scatter through any garden area, perhaps with grasses and other summer flowering prairie perennials, for long lasting summer romance. More tasteful and satisfying than a trashy novel.

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